Weekly Photo Opportunities Mar 8 to 14: Keep Waiting Edition

We’re sort of lopsided this week in terms of scheduling, but that’s ok, since it doesn’t look like anyone’s going to want to leave their homes in the beginning part of the week.

Gardener’s Focus: An Orchid-Filled Greenhouse
Explore the greenhouse at Hillwood Estate, one of the most picturesque corners of DC in its own right.

Elaine De Kooning: Portraits
Don’t go to snap, but to learn. Good opportunity to do some of that “studying of the masters” I mentioned recently.

Harlem Globetrotters
Last time I was at the Patriot Center, it was to see Smashing Pumpkins. True story.

Rock and Roll DC Marathon 2015, Half Marathon and 5K
Marathons are excellent opportunities to get out and around with your camera, and the runners appreciate everyone who shows up.

Have an event you want to suggest for inclusion? Please let me know! Each week, there are hundreds of things happening around the DC area, but this regular post is for events that are camera-friendly.

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