Goodbye Weekly Opportunities

Where’s the Weekly Opportunity Post?

I know you’re asking yourself, “Where’s the weekly opportunity post?”

As a new, growing blog, I’m trying a variety of content tactics and watching carefully to see what is catching traction. Content creation takes an enormous amount of time, and the strategy behind these local roundups was to be able to quickly produce and publish content valuable to a specific perspective.

Frankly, none of the metrics indicate this idea is working. These posts are not getting the traction I had hoped, and they take a surprisingly long time to build. This is time I would rather invest in creating throughly-researched, analytical and actionable photography and productivity-related posts.

When experimenting, I believe firmly in failing fast. So, for now, I’m hitting the pause button on this series. If there’s an outcry I’m missing for this content, please do let me know on Twitter or in the comments. I’m not against bringing this series back, but I’d like to reinvest my time and energy in more productive avenues.


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