DigitalDruthers.com is run by Jefferson Stovall, a Washington, DC based photographer. Jefferson’s interest in photography was reignited several years ago when Jefferson’s wife surprised him with a Canon DSLR as a birthday present.

For many novices, the world of photography can be intimidating, and DigitalDruthers.com was born out of a desire to support beginner and intermediate photographers. Being an aspiring photographer can be challenging–both mentally and technically–and today, the goals of the website are to serve as a resource for photographers at various levels and as a view into Jefferson’s work.

Beyond photography, Jefferson is very much a geek, and enjoys the intersection of technology and productivity. Readers will occasionally also get insight into his methods, discoveries and opinions.

No matter your interest, Jefferson loves to hear feedback and is always happy to consider a idea for exploration on the site. Reach Jefferson via the Contact page or on twitter with @jmstovall, or leave a comment on a post. You’ll get a response.