Winter Drudge Edition

Weekly Photo Opportunities Feb. 21 to 28: Winter Drudge Edition

ATLAS Intersections Festival 2015

The Atlas Performing Arts Center

There’s a plethora of activities happening during this two-week festival, some camera-appropriate and some not. Use your best judgement, but take a look because you’ll probably find something that interests you, even if it’s camera inappropriate.

DC Rollergirls
DC Armory

A DC favorite, the Rollergirls have two bouts on Saturday. I don’t really understand how roller derby works, but I really regret I haven’t been out to a Rollergirls event yet. Something tells me I won’t understand any better once I make it to one, but looks fun! Seriously, I’m going to make it to a…bout…this…season? Series? I’ll get it right before I go.

Have an event you want to suggest for inclusion? Please let me know! Each week, there are hundreds of things happening around the DC area, but this regular post is for events that are camera-friendly.

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