How to use Evernote Roundup

Evernote from around the Web, January 2016

What’s new and useful from the intertubes from the month of January, 2016? Read below to find out!

A Peek Inside How I Use Evernote to Organize My Life

Bryan’s thoughts sound a lot of like my own, hitting a lot of my previous points such as using the web clipper, treating Evernote as a massive filing cabinet and leaning on the use of tags.

Why you should click: He’s got a nice infographic showing how Evernote is more useful than your brain!


I finally figured out how to use Evernote!!!

Rahul shares his joy at finding that ignoring many of Evernote’s advanced features makes it infinitely┬ámore useful for him.

Why you should click: It’s a perfect example of less being more.


Study Skills Workshops 201: Unpacking Evernote: Overview

Uh, wow. As far as I can tell, this incredibly accessible and comprehensive guide to getting started with Evernote is written as part of an effort to support the educators at College of Charleston. Laura and Joey have pulled together a number of resources and organized them in way that’ll make folks completely new to Evernote comfortable.

Why you should click: No matter how familiar you are with Evernote, there’ll be something here for you to learn.


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