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Weekly Photo Opportunities Mar 1 to 7: Going Green Edition

That headline is a bit of a pun. Tell me if you can figure it out and I’ll buy you a beer.

Francophonie Cultural Festival
Around DC?

I had never heard of this, which is interesting because we’re a vaguely Francophone household. In any case, the DC Francophonie Festival “celebrates the diversity and richness” of French language countries around the world. There are a bunch of events…if you can find them. At the time of publication, there were problems with the website.

2015 Alexandria Virginia Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
King & Alfred in Old Town, Alexandria

The Ballyshiners appear to be an organized group promoting Irish awareness…looks like they’re doing lots of fun stuff! There are pre-Parade activities, including a “Fun Dog Show,” which pretty much sells me, and a car show. This year’s theme for the parade is “The Women of Irish Heritage.”

Notice that I have not made one whisky joke in this entire description.

But, seriously–this may be one of the best photographic opportunities we’ve had since the year started. It’s outside, features a ton of activites and lots of color.

Shamrock Bar Crawl

If you were tired of the standard bar crawl rigamarole, a pipe band will be leading this one through town. Need I say more?

If so, this one is also in Annapolis.

Washington DC Travel And Adventure Show
Washington Convention Center

Few things go as well together as travel, photography and Rick Steves. Seriously, the guy is awesome. This is one of those indoor events, so please do be respectful and aware with the picture snapping if you bring your camera, but go and get inspired to find places where you can take incredible photos.

Have an event you want to suggest for inclusion? Please let me know! Each week, there are hundreds of things happening around the DC area, but this regular post is for events that are camera-friendly.

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