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Weekly Photo Opportunities Feb 15 to 23: Inappropriately Dressed Edition

In this week’s edition of Weekly Opportunities, I offer you what is perhaps your only chance to photograph people in their underwear without being a creep. Also, a parade that none of us know existed and a fashion week preview with plenty of judgement.

Cupid’s Undie Run

319 Pennsylvania Ave SE

I’ll never quite understand the urge to strip during the coldest part of the year and masquerade through the streets of the place you live (barring a meth incident, of course), but I’m buoyed by the fact that many of these masochistic escapades are in support of charity. Really, if we’re willing to embarrass and freeze our asses off for the greater good, humanity can’t be in a terrible place. Anyway, everyone in these pictures seems to be having fun, and for the runners, the best thing you can do is cheer them on and get some photos while you’re at it. For the drinkers, join them at Stanton & Greene, Hawk ‘N’ Dove or Capitol Lounge.

The Clarendon-Courthouse Mardi Gras Parade

1515 N Courthouse Rd, Arlington

Somehow, this is on the of the biggest parades in the region. That’s pretty neat, and the level of community participation is impressive. I’ve never seen it, but I read that you’re supposed to “dress inappropriately and throw stuff at people.” I don’t know much about it, but I like the organizers’ attitudes.

DC Fashion Week Opening Night at Historic H Street

823 H St NE

Mixed feelings on this one. On a good day, I’m subtly annoyed by the fashion industry; the fact that there are instructions at the top of the calendar page on how to scroll doesn’t elevate my opinion. Neither does the Brian Williams-esque claim of “historic” H Street; this is kind of like that colleague of yours that talks all the time about how humble and unassuming they are. But I’m including it because, according to the page on which you have to be instructed to scroll, there’s a number of events happening on H street that night, and I bet you will find some unique street photography opportunities. That is, of course, assuming the combination of H Street and the fashion’s industry’s faux-hipsterism doesn’t suffocate you first. God help you if you go to M.E.D.I.A. (Metropolitan Emerging Designers & Indie Artists Showcase).

Just a quick note: Expect a change in the publishing day of this post each week. Right now, the timing doesn’t align well with some of the other event listings that come out for the region.

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