Weekly Photo Opportunities Feb 8 to 14

The Ultimate Megafort
National Building Museum

Yes, you read that right, and it is why I love the National Building Museum. No, this is why: Join others to design and construct a cardboard fort, then engage your opponents in a foam ball battle.

Chinese New Year Family Festival
Smithsonian American Art Museum

True story: In protest of Valentine’s Day, my wife and I used to go to Hooters. Then it got too crowded. This probably would’ve been a better choice. Inside event, so as per usual, be careful and respectful if you bring a camera. Probably a good situation for that point and shoot or your iPhone.

Columbia Heights Historical Walkabout
Columbia Heights

True Story: The same wife and I that used to go to Hooters in protest of Valentine’s Day live in Columbia Heights. This is pretty cool, actually! It involves my neighborhood, bars, history and being outside (even if it is February). If I’m feeling well, I’ll definitely join. While you’re checking out the post, check out the blog. NCH is great for hyperlocal info.

Treat Yo’ Self Holiday Trader’s Market
1839 7th St NW

Seemingly an effort to recast and reclaim the Valentines season in the name of local crafters and…local people, I guess…the Treat Yo’ Self Holiday Trader’s Market promises a unique group of artisans in one of the edgier corners of the city, in partnership with three local bars (Eat the Rich, Southern Efficiency and Mockingbird Hill). There’s something about this being a “trader’s” market, and a hashtag…and lots of missing commas, but from what I glean after reading the description three times is that this is basically a hyperlocal community event.¬†Honestly, the entire edgy thing confuses me, but it looks to have a high probability of friendly people, good drinks and potential pictures, so I’ll probably try and make a visit.

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