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Introducing: The Digital Photography Newsletter!

Kind of like an NPR pledge drive, we've come to the end of my designed self-promotion week. I've spent the last few days working on some back-end website items, developing evergreen content for future posting and planning a digital photography newsletter. That's where you come in--sign up for the newsletter!

What Will Be In The Digital Photography Newsletter?

The newsletter is going to have a ton of content. It'll contain a digest of the week's posts, with the roundups summarized right there in your inbox. It's also going to have a bit of bonus content that is only available to newsletter subscribers--this includes short digital photography tips, stories from pro photographers and even productivity advice, much like what is contained in my very popular Evernote post. You can get all that delivered to your inbox just by signing up below. Bam.

I'm So Excited About The Newsletter, I Want A Paid Option!

I know, right?! Well, I'll give you one more reason to sign up for the free digital photography newsletter (you'll notice I threw the word "free" in there). In the near future, I'll develop a paid subscription newsletter, as well. That newsletter will have all of the above, plus advance notice of photo contests, exposure opportunities and exclusive content that can help get your photography out in the world and in front of even more eyes, as well as previews of upcoming posts on this site. You want to sign up for the free version now, because by doing so, you'll get a 20% discount when the paid version is ready. So, to recap: sign up now for the free digital photography newsletter. Get the high quality content from this site delivered to your inbox, along with digital photography tips and productivity advice. When the paid version is ready, get a 20% discount on all that plus advance notice of exposure opportunities and previews of upcoming content. One last note: your email address is safe with me. I'm not going to buy, trade or otherwise abuse it. I'll respect the inbox! So, with those announcements and promises made, sign up for the digital photography newsletter now!

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