Spring is Finally Springing

Photography This Week: Spring Finally Freakin’ Springs

With spring finally deciding it’ll amble on through the door here, I suspect we’ll all be planning on snapping a bit more. We start off with some general tips, cover some creative poses for engagement season (somehow I feel like this is one of those things where the client isn’t tired of the same old poses, it’s just the people taking the same poses repeatedly) and then get the ultimate list of what we should cover for our families in printable form.

50 Tips & Ideas for Spring Photography

Whether you’re looking for ideas for spring family pictures OR just want to snap some fun pics of the kids this Easter, you’re sure to find lots of ideas!

Takeaway: Broad, impressive rundown of a bunch of different approaches to capture the energy of sping. You’ll find something here that’s inspiring.

22 Creative Engagement Photo Ideas for Spring

If you need any more convincing that spring is the most romantic time of year, look no further than these dreamy and flowery engagement photos complete with cherry blossoms, canoes, confetti and flower crowns.

Takeaway: It’s beginning to look a lot like…engagement season. Every year, it’s a good idea to do a once-over on all the new posts coming out on poses, just so you can see what people are coming up with. Start with this one; again, it’s nice and broad, but keep looking for newer ones, too.

Spring Photo Checklist (Free & Printable)

I love capturing the details of a season- the pretty new flowers, the bright green grass, and my feet on that first day I can wear flip flops again!

Takeaway: With the turn of the season, there’s a huge number of family events that you’ll probably be asked to do the photos for. As with any event gig for which you’re getting paid, you should have a checklist. This is kind of the meta checklist for the quarter; it’ll help prompt you on what to be snapping.


Featured Photo Contests

The American Landscape Photography Contest 2015

Deadline: 4/9/2014

Subject Matter: Lots of incredible prizes in this contest sponsored by Outdoor Photographer. High level of competition, but you can’t win if you don’t enter.

2015 Images of Repression & Freedom

Deadline: 4/10/2015

Subject Matter: The title explains it all, but these are special contests. They can do so much to bring exposure to people in other parts of the world that are suffering under oppresive governments.

Black & White

Deadline: 4/15/2015

Subject Matter: Dark Room Gallery is “calling for works that excel in these monochromatic constraints.” Looks like most types of B&W photography are accepted.

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