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Photography This Week: Productivity Edition

Been a lot on here lately about being productive, and I suspect we'll see more of that content in the future, so this week, let's look at some advice on how to stay productive as a freelance photographer. There's some great advice about scheduling, tips for maintaining focus and insight into managing your energy level through the day. I've been actively working on that last one the last few months, with some success. This week's photo contest section is quite wide-ranging, but it will definitely get you out of the house, which is perfect since the snow (at least around here) is finally melting. It's been quite an interminable winter, and I'm looking forward to the chance to get out and do some shooting. Have a great rest of your week!

How to increase productivity as a photographer by scheduling your work week

It’s no secret that every photographer functions slightly differently and has their own personal “flow” as to how they’d like to structure their time. I recommend that you create a plan for you that makes sense with how you work.
Takeaway: I was excited to find Bryan's blog, and he makes great points here about "batching" your work. There are two efficiencies here. One, you get things that you know how to do done more quickly in a batch. Two, by setting aside times to batch work, you're being rigourous about getting important tasks, even ones you don't like, completed.

7 Tips for Staying Productive While Working From Home

Whether it’s a break to walk the dog, call a friend, or have a snack, be sure to take them! It’s easy to go HOURS without leaving my desk, and I have definitely had moments where I forget to eat because I am so involved in what I am doing.
Takeaway: Nicole's post is largely about managing focus, and she makes a great point related to a method I often use: the phase shift. Around 2 or 3 pm, I frequently change my environment…whether this is working from a conference room for an hour, from one of the couches, etc, it doesn't matter. The point is that change of environment helps maintain focus, especially when my brain is quickly running out of juice.

Revolutionize Your Productivity With Energy Management

I am most alert and creative to get my most pressing work done. It means prioritizing my day based on when my body and mind work best.
Takeaway: I read this post, a bit randomly, back in 2014 and it crytalized a lot of what I had been hearing about energy management. I've since been trying to slowly rework my schedule so that it's easier for me to experiment and find my most productive times of day.

Featured Contests

Por El Planeta

Deadline: 3/27/2015

Subject Matter: Particularly inspiring in its scope, this earth and climate-focused photography contest is soliciting images it can use to move viewers to take action against climate change.

Macro Photo Contest

Deadline: 3/27/2015

Subject Matter: Upload your best macro photos for a chance to be printed in the UK’s Digital Camera magazine.

Thalassaemia Photography Contest 2015

Deadline: 3/31/2015

Subject Matter: I think we all know that good health will add years to your life. Figuring out the theme of this one will be quite the exercise for your brain, as well.

Nutrena - My Horse My Life Photo Contest

Deadline: 3/31/2015

Subject Matter: Horses are majestic creatures, and you've got a chance here to show off your best horse photos and get stuff. I also love that they're upfront about the contest criteria: "This is a popularity contest."

Bonus: Stay Sharp

7 daily exercises that will make you a better photographer

Takeaway: Keeping sharp is key to maintaining productivity. I'd probably rotate these in with another set or two of exercises, but you get the point.

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