Photography This Week: Shooting Sports

After the lengthy piece earlier this week on triathlon photography, I thought I’d cover some more sports shooting ground with some of the better general articles I found doing that research. We’ll get some sage advice from very experienced and accomplished photographers, look at how we can set our entry-level equipment up to best meet the challenges of sports shooting and even cover the special circumstances around indoor shooting.

15 Sports Photography Tips

Just don’t confuse it with an amateur sports photographer who sprays and prays with their high-speed, motor driven digital cameras, as it’s best to shoot conservatively and make the shots count.

Takeaway: Ok, so I don’t actually really agree with the sentiment in that quote, but the point is your shooting and your professionalism have an effect on the outcome of your shots. Bring your A game with both.

How to shoot action and sports photography

Great sports photography can take a lot of skill and good equipment to produce, but this shouldn’t be a barrier keeping new photographers, or the occasional action shooter, from trying their hand.

Takeaway: Preperation, planning and scouting can help you to take great sports photos, even if you don’t have all the right sports shooting equipment.

How to photograph indoor sports on a budget: A primer for beginners and novices

Shooting indoor sports is tricky, especially on a budget, because you have several critical components working against you in tandem: fast-moving action & low light.

Takeaway: Sports photography equipment is expensive, but focusing on these 5 principals will help you overcome the unique challenges that come with shooting sports.

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