City lights at night

Photography This Week: City Tourism Photography

Much of my photography happens in cities. I live in a pretty big one, and frequently travel to cities for both work and personal activities. There’s some really special stuff you can capture in a densely-packed, brightly lit metropolis with the proper techniques and approaches. Take care to note that there’s a focus on exposure and execution in the articles below; capturing the fast-moving energy of a place like this will require you to setup and shoot a bit differently than when you’re trying to capture that sweeping landscape.

9 Tips for Capturing the City in Motion

…capturing the heartbeat of the city is something else.

Takeaway: Cities have pockets of energy unlike any other place on earth. Focus on the unique qualities of that come with being in a high-density, urban area and make those the subject of your photos.

12 Expert Tips For Photographing Cityscapes At Night

Cityscapes can have an extremely wide dynamic range of light due to artificial lighting, more so than landscapes. There’s often a large difference between the brightest and darkest areas of our images. Our cameras aren’t capable of capturing scenes of such high contrast.

Takeaway: Nailing city shots will take patience and some extra exposure work. Know your camera’s various options and do a little post work to get the cleanest shot.

Gallery: How to take stunning city photographs

Sometimes you can obtain a fantastic photograph by luck but that doesn’t give your work consistency…

Takeaway: Patience and planning are just as important in urban photography as in landscape photography.

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