Arsenal of Democracy Flyover

Arsenal of Democracy Flyover Images

Honoring the veterans of WWII, the Arsenal of Democracy flyover was held on the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe day. The once-in-a-lifetime event featured dozens of different aircraft flying over Washington DC is a variety of formations. I was fortunate to have a slightly different, but excellent, angle on the planes as they flew […]

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2015 DC Funk Parade

Images from the 2015 DC Funk Parade

The 2015 DC Funk Parade was held on May 2nd and featured a huge variety of performances and activities. It was one of the most fun celebrations of community I’ve been able to attend in DC. I spent time at the incredibly high energy performance by local favorite, The Junkyard Band, and then walked the […]

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Jordan Zimmerman warming up

5 Famous Baseball Photographs

This week, as baseball season opens, we mark the end of the dark abyss of sports apathy (and winter) that we’ve endured since the end of the morally-complicated college football season. This week, we finally embrace our locally venerable “boys of summer” and all that is great about sun, heat, humidity and outdoor stadiums (where baseball […]

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