Weekly Photo Opportunities Feb 8 to 14

The Ultimate Megafort 2/11/2015 National Building Museum Yes, you read that right, and it is why I love the National Building Museum. No, this is why: Join others to design and construct a cardboard fort, then engage your opponents in a foam ball battle. Chinese New Year Family Festival 2/14/2015 Smithsonian American Art Museum True story: […]

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Hero image. Collage of bread, dog, people.

365 Photo Project Update January

Ok, so… I’ve already fallen off the proverbial horse on this one. Not only have I not snapped a daily picture with the gusto I expected, I haven’t even done myself the service of filling an empty posting spot with a relatively easy recap post. But, my excuse is legitimate–I ended January (and by ended, […]

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Photo Profile: Onions at French Market

If you have the pleasure of visiting France, particularly one of the villages outside the main cities, I can make no stronger recommendation than to visit the outdoor markets. There are few experiences more French than strolling from stall to stall, enjoying small bites of food and purchasing only as many groceries as you can […]

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Rosslyn Metro Station

365 Project Week 1

This is my first week’s set of photos from week 1 of my 365 project. Again, for those who might not be aware, a 365 project is essentially a challenge to take a picture a day everyday for 365 days. These were all taken with my iPhone, and at different times and places. I’m also […]

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