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Night Sky Photography Night Sky Photography

The Photo Backstory: Night Sky Photography at the Family Farm

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”8″ gal_title=”Night Sky Photography Images”] Photo Specs ISO: 12800 Aperture: 6.3 Shutter Speed: 15 seconds Background As many regular readers know (since all two of you are friends anyway), we go home for the holidays to east Tennessee, where my parents live on a small farm. There’s not a great deal of that farm […]

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5 Tips for New Photographers 5 Tips for New Photographers

5 Tips for New Photographers

A significant part of the mission of this website is to help reduce the friction for new photographers. I won’t do too many lists, but I will occasionally have a post with the quick tips I’ve learned to improve my photography/feel more comfortable shooting. Here’s the first installment! 5 Tips for New Photographers Summary Use […]

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Photo sharing site Photo sharing site

flickr, 500px and other photo sharing sites

I’ve written before about how there’s a variety of different software available for editing and processing photos, but what about displaying them on the online? There’s basically three different routes photographers can go: Flickr.com, 500px.com and setting up your own website. While cost is different between all these options, I’d suggest they’re competitive enough that […]

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