Again, traveling with minimal gear, I took this early morning shot of Prospect Peak in West Virginia using the 18mm end of my kit lens.

Prospect Peak Panorama

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I had actually never done a panorama before, and I’m not quite sure why…

There’s a restaurant directly behind where I shooting, Panorama at the Peak. We visited the night before, but couldn’t see anything because it was dark by 6pm. Of course, I had made the reservation two weeks before daylight savings, so I never even thought about the issue it being too dark.

Prospect Peak, in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, isn’t the most breathtaking view in the area, but it was easy to access and well-scouted. I got up the morning following our dinner at Panorama at the Peak and went out to get some images at sunrise. While I was pleased with the eventual result, I also see tons of room for improvement:

  • This was my last set of shots of the morning, and the good time for the light had already passed.
  • I would probably do at least two more full sets of shots to make sure I had a complete set of properly exposed images.
  • Next time, I’ll also do a round with a different lens. Although I was using my 18-55mm for the wide angle, there is potential for very cool panorama using the 50mm or even the 70mm.

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