Images from NYC Subway Exhibit of Daniel Lyons

Full Color Photos from NYC Metro in 1966

Above images obviously from exhibit on NYC subway featuring Daniel Lyons.

From now until December 2015, these amazing, full color photos from 1966 will be available for viewing at the Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr station in Brooklyn. The MTA Arts & Design program is providing this free exhibition as part of the program’s mission to encourage ridership.

“Underground: 1966” features a series of photos from photographer Daniel Lyons, who was already an established photographer when he took these, having profiled moments of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. Inspired by his mother’s advice, “If you’re bored, just talk to someone on the subway.,” Lysons’ street photograhpy stands on its own, but is made even more incredible through the vivid colors.

Even though these photos were taken nearly 50 years ago, what strikes me are the parallels between then and now. I take public transit almost everyday, and though the clothes, signs and styles might change, these are all people I could see tomorrow on my way to work. These are people who’ve taken public transit for some time, and know their way around—they’re entitled to their spot, and they’ll be perfectly polite, but would prefer you and your camera move along, thank you very much. In fact, the biggest change I see in these people is that we now have iPhones to plug into and stare at, the better the ignore everyone else with.

I also didn’t realize the MTA has this Arts & Design program. I would rant here about how WMATA could benefit from such proactive efforts, but I’d prefer they work on simple reliability.

If you pass through NYC in the next year, don’t miss this really cool exhibit by Daniel Lyons and the MTA Arts & Design program. “Underground: 1966” will be featured in Brooklyn until December 2015.

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