Washington, DC Photos & Prints

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All photos below are produced by Jefferson Stovall, a Washington, DC based photographer.

Specializing in Washington DC photos and memorial prints, Jefferson’s Washington, DC prints range from winter photos of our nation’s capitol to summer photos of the famous Cherry Blossom Festival.

The cherry tree photos are especially inviting this year, as the event featured one of the most spectacular showings ever of the Japanese cherry blossoms. Thousands visit each year to see the delicate white and pink flowers, and the event marks the official kick off of DC summer.

Also included in this set are photos from around DC, including the Potomac River, the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, Union Station, the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial and several from every-day Washington. All capture the majesty of the nation’s capital with careful composition and incredible light.

The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial photos are from directly in front of the Capitol Building, in a space between the National Mall and the Congress and Senate’s historic home.

The set of black and white photos of Washington, DC profile everyday life in the popular 14th Street corridor of the city. This particular part of the city has seen a renaissance in the last decade, moving from a dangerous, gritty urban scene to furniture stores and restaurants with valet parking.

Many images are from Washington, DC at night. Night photography in DC is one of the most rewarding forms of capital photography. DC is a constantly moving place, with all the fervency of a world-class city. The different hues and shapes of light really come out at night, giving the images an urgency that isn’t always reflected at different times of the day.

Jefferson sells his DC prints on archival paper with archival-rated inks. Should you order a Washington, DC print and not get what you expect, please contact Jefferson and he’ll make it right.