How To Use Evernote

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You know what Evernote is. You’ve heard some people talk about it, probably even swear by it. You’ve probably even got the application downloaded, and open it every couple months, stare at the list of two or three notes you’ve created, and then shut it back down. But, do you know how to use Evernote?

You know you could probably use Evernote, but you don’t know how to use Evernote effectively. It’s way simpler than you think! And, as someone who’s used Evernote everyday for several years, I’ve figured out effective workflows and minimized friction points. Below, I’ll show you how to start using Evernote to manage work and personal life, and how it can help you never forget anything again.

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How to use Evernote for task managementHow I Use Evernote for Task Management
My original post on how to use Evernote introduces the concepts behind my approach to a customized Evernote experience and outlines the basics of my Evernote usage. We cover projects, contexts and customized searches so that your info is organized and mere clicks away. Starting with the ideas of Inbox Zero, I show you how I take all my email, notes and bookmarks, and use an Evernote-based workflow to store and retrieve content with minimal friction. You can truly put everything in its place with this method, and get it back later, so that you are more organized and productive.

Evernote Task ManagementThe Evolution of My Evernote Task Management System
The best systems evolve constantly, and I continue to update my Evernote workflow. In this post on how to use Evernote, I quickly go over my earlier workflow, and surface the friction points I was running into. Although I’m successfully getting everything in its place with my Evernote use, I’m ending up spending a lot of time administering the system. In this post, I introduce the concept of the “daily gameplan” (really, it’s a weekly gameplan), and show you how you use your planning to its greatest effect. Once this is done, your execution time gets way more productive because you’ve got all your information in front of you and can quickly knock Evernote tasks out.

Evernote tips for automation3 Evernote Tips To Automate & Increase Your Productivity
Automating Evernote is where you start to find real efficiency gains. In this post, I talk about how to use Evernote and Smartsheeet, IFTTT, Boomerang, Gmail and Zapier to automatically mail yourself task lists, create follow ups for unanswered emails, and manage meetings. Especially with repetitive tasks, the less you have to remember to execute, the more time you have to get actual work done. Combining Evernote and some quick and easy automation frees you from the distracting administrative tasks of managing your task workflow.

Evernote Pro Tips7(ish) Advanced Evernote Pro Tips
If you’re already comfortable using Evernote to manage your tasks, these advanced tips will turn you into an Evernote ninja. A lot of my Evernote use is based on the Evernote web clipper, so we start there, but quickly get into customized Evernote searches, managing a reading list in Evernote, how to always have meeting notes for specific people ready to go, using Taskclone to automatically surface tasks, naming schema and business cards. For a bonus, I show you how to get your thoughts into Evernote without ever opening the application itself…on both your desktop and your phone. If you want to learn how to use Evernote effectively in a variety of use cases, this is the post for you.

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